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Hydromax on football pads



HydroMax™ system

the HydroMax™ system allows on-demand, on-the-field hydration quickly and conveniently. the HydroMax™ system contains the protective pouch, the expandable water bladder, tubing, bite valves, quick connects, velcro, 32 ounce refill bottle, and instructions.

High-tech hydration

The HydroMax™ System allows on-demand, on-the-field hydration, quickly and conveniently. It carries up to 16 ounces of fluid, delivered through a tucked-away drinking tube and bite valve.HydroMax™ was designed from scratch to take full advantage of today's high-tech composite materials. These materials allow uncompromising toughness, unmatched versatility, and unrivaled lightness. These advanced materials also allow design innovations that maximize convenience for players, water boys, coaches, and support staff. Read on to learn more.

High-impact hydration

HydroMax™ is the first hydration system specifically designed for full-contact sports like football, lacrosse and soccer. It's designed to shrug off the hardest body hits, with a double layer of protection. The first layer is an armored outer pouch, which resists punctures and abrasion. The second layer is a tough, expandable inner bag that can stretch up to 8x, to prevent bursting. The flexible drinking tube is tucked aways securely; it can't dangle or flap! It all adds up to a rugged, low-profile package that can take a hit and keep doing its job.

High-speed hydration

The HydroMax™ pouch fills in less than 7 seconds using our refill bottle. And, the rugged bite valve provides quick refreshment any time, without pausing or stopping play. The result: your water boys don't have to lug bottles all around the field — instead, they can work more efficiently, ensuring that your entire team stays hydrated and ready to go. The entire system is lightweight and low-profile, so it won't slow your players down. In fact, the ability to constantly refresh themselves on the field will enhance their performance.

High-efficiency hydration

One key advantage to the HydroMax™ System, is that it's a highly efficient system, allowing your players to take their water right where it needs to be: on the field. But the HydroMax™ System is also cost-effective, with an average team cost well below that of alternative systems that aren't as complete, as intelligently designed, or as quick to deploy.

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